About us

I enjoy the alchemy of soap. The equal parts creativity and science. Knowing where the ingredients come from and using herbs and spices to colour and pure essential oils to scent. I love that I can be self sufficient in this way and that I can provide a quality product for people with sensitive skin. 

I was first inspired to make soap in 2011 when I lived in a squatted farm community in The Netherlands. We were focused on self sufficiency. We grew our own food, cooked on a wood stove, and used a grey water system for our shower. Coming from Toronto, Canada, I had never thought about the chemicals used in soap and what happened after it went down the drain. I looked for natural soaps and shampoos at the supermarket and LUSH but the ingredients showed sulphates which is toxic to aquatic life and irritating to sensitive skin. I decided to make soap myself, without the artificial sudsing agents, preservatives, or chemical fragrances but only a combination of high quality oils, lye, and harvested rain water.

In 2014 I moved to Salt Spring Island and started my botanical body care business, Barefoot Daughter, to sell at the market, online and in stores. In 2021 I moved to Digby County, Nova Scotia with my life partner and young daughter.