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The Stats of Life is a show follows three families and their use of technology- including me and my off-the-grid cabin and (hopefully one day) soap business! 

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A step by step instructional video by barefoot daughter

 on how to make a milk shampoo bar

soft enough to wash your face and sudsy enough to clean your hair.

see below for recipe and list of soap making supplies!



organic ingredients for shampoo:
1,587 gm olive oil 
1,043 gm coconut oil
453 gm castor oil
1,723 ml frozen milk
3 tbsp cinnamon
3 tbsp clove 
3 tbsp ginger root 

3 tbsp cardamom
30 ml clove essential oil 



(lye calculator) 


(awesome bulk herbs and spices)



  1. oils or fats -olive oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, recycled frying grease, wild boar tallow etc., etc.

  2. lye (caustic soda or Sodium Hydroxide, NaOH)

  3. dried herbs or powders 

  4. essential oils

  5. stainless steel pot and spoons (any other metal with react with lye)

  6. Pyrex or sturdy glass bowl 

  7. meat or candy thermometer 

  8. tbsp

  9. electronic scale 

  10. safety gloves (rubber), mask, and goggles 

  11. soap mold (recycled tetra packs) 

  12. parchment paper

  13. tape

  14. scissors 

  15. ruler

  16. vinegar (for safety to neutralize lye) 

  17. hand blender 

  18. dental floss (wax, flavour, and fluoride free) 

  19. rainwater, mineral water, or frozen milk


botanical body care

with a herbalist's touch 

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salt spring island, bc

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