body care

handmade organic body care infused with medicinal herbs for everyday use. 

tested only on human friends and family (and myself), barefoot daughter's

products use no chemical preservatives and are made with organic ingredients and a whole lotta love.



"As a traveler and someone who cares about the earth, I need a deodorant that is effective, healthy for my body, portable (the small tins are ideal for backpacking) and is packaged in something other than plastic (I reuse/refill my tin).  For this reason, Savage Daughter is the only brand of deodorant I will ever use."


-Jesse Thom, BC


"This is the only deodorant that I have ever loved! It just works fantastically and smells so good . This got me through a whole summer of festivals . Also good to note that it doesn't stain your clothes ." 


-Rachel Hill, Montreal



botanical body care

with a herbalist's touch 

1 (250) 813 3165

salt spring island, bc

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