Where to buy UNPACKED the Audiobook and Price Breakdown of making and selling an Audiobook

Ahhh digital products. The financial ease of not having a physical product to produce each unit and ship to various locations. The digital product just takes human hours to create and once it's done it can bring in passive income for as long as it's relevant!

Cost of an Audiobook...

If you like to do things all yourself like I do, you can get away without spending too much to get your book into audio format. It may just be borrowing someones recording equipment or renting time at a studio and editing all the fumbles and mistakes out yourself. I used free recording and editing software (Audacity) for recording and editing but I did have a budget for mastering the files by a professional (around $1,200 CAD).

If you get someone else to produce and record it, you can pay up front and keep the full royalties of 40%, or share the royalties and pay as the book sells. More info on royalty sharing on ACX website.

Pricing the Audiobook...

The distributors (Audible, Amazon, iTunes) make their own prices for an audiobook (see breakdown of pricing below) I went for non-exclusivity rights for 25% royalties versus 40% exclusive rights with Audible so I can sell on my website as well (for 97.6% royalties including square fees). The key is quantity when the royalties are only 25%. I'm hoping since Audible, Amazon and iTunes are such big companies with a grand reach it will make up for the small percentage.

Bounty fee:

For every customer that uses my link to sign up for Audible to get a free download of my book, I, the author get a $75 bounty reward. This is a monthly subscription model where the first month is free then after that it's $14.95 CAD. This is a great way to create income for the author and have customers enter the entertaining world of audiobooks.

You can listen while going for walks, cleaning the house, commuting to work, working out or any time where you have a slice of alone time to be in your head and enter another world!

If you're wondering the best way to support me in buying this audiobook here is a graph of where to download the book, what it costs you and what I get percentage wise (for full transparency).

With any of these options, please do consider writing a review after you listen, and giving books as gifts, and spreading the word. Most people buy books from personal suggestion!

I'm so excited for this version on UNPACKED to be launched into the world. Please join me in a audiobook launch on April 11th at 4pm PST. RSVP to alycoy@barefootdaughter.com and I'll send you the Zoom link!

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