Market Checklist

Barefoot Daughter is back vending at the market - this time in Annapolis Royal ! Here is a checklist for anyone vending at a market for the first time:

  1. 10x10 tent

  2. Weights - 4L water jugs do the trick

  3. Tent sides or tapestry to shade sun or rain

  4. 6 foot table - straight across or 2 for L shape

  5. Table cloth - long enough to cover down to the ground to cover boxes and bins underneath

  6. Fold out chair

  7. Display cases - go with branding of product

  8. Till - include $100 dollars in 10s, 5s, 1s and 2s

  9. Chip and Pin contactless Square reader - use this referral link

  10. Business cards

  11. Product bags or sleeves

  12. Paper and pen to write down inventory- or I use square for cash and credit sales so the report has it all in one spot

  13. Portable battery pack for your phone or square

  14. Water and snacks

  15. Signs for your products and for your business

  16. Tape, scissors, rope, twine, thumbtacks, elastics

  17. Your products! Enough stock to not feel empty

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