How to Register a Business in Nova Scotia

I've had to register a business 3 times already by changing my business name a few times.... And I have to do it once again since moving to Nova Scotia. To open a business bank account, they need proof that you are a registered business in the province.

  1. Reserve your business name through the Joint Stocks of Companies in Nova Scotia. You must have a unique name and a describer. Barefoot Daughter was denied, so I had to apply with Barefoot Daughter Botanical Body Care. One unique part and one describing part. Cost is $61.05

  2. Get name approved (takes a few days)

  3. Create an account with the Joint Stocks of Companies in Nova Scotia

  4. Register a business or non-profit

  5. Enter Reserve number - click on Business name that comes up

  6. Fill out form as a sole proprietor (if it's just you running the business) with business number if you have one, and address etc.

  7. Download, sign document, submit and make payment. Takes 1-2 weeks and costs $68.55

For more info head to the Joint Stocks of Companies website

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