Taking 'Savage' out of Savage Daughter

Hey Suds Lovers,

Change is in the air. A couple times now it has come up that using the term 'savage' in my business name is problematic for a few different reasons. I've thought hard about it, and I've decided to take the word savage out of savage daughter soap company. It's in my power as the owner of the business, and if the use of the word has caused anyone distress or triggering then it's not worth using.

Where the name came from in the first place:

The song 'My Mother's Savage Daughter" written by Wyndreth inspired the name of the company. It's about a witch howling at the moon, watching the stars, sleeping in ditches, and looking for omens in the cracks of old bones. The song summed up my desire to let loose, re-wild, have a voice, feel empowered, and connected with nature.

It is also important to acknowledge however that the word "‘savage’ has been used for centuries to cast Indigenous people as less than human in order to make it easier to justify abuses against them." link to article

The fact that I didn't associate the current term 'savage' with its heavy historical past in relation to colonization and the violence inflicted onto Indigenous people reflects the privilege I hold. Using the word ‘savage’ for my company normalizes it and allows others to use it casually, ignoring the weight the word has. It's not the mission of my business to reclaim and fight for common use of the word and I've realized it's not my word to reclaim.

I want to stand 100% behind my brand and I can't do that with the idea that I might be unintentionally causing harm or being culturally insensitive to folks that see my products online, in person, or in someone's home.

I've decided to use a different word that's not so loaded and heavy. I want to encourage re-wilding, self sufficiency, alternatives to industrially made chemical body care products, connection to the earth and herbal medicine, have high quality ingredients and have complete transparency.

Moving forward I've decided to change the company's name to barefoot daughter: botanical body care.

Bare with me while I change over the marketing material and you can still buy awesome botanical body care on my website (www.barefootdaughter.com).

I hope you'll all remain supportive of my business and the growth and changes I've made over the years. Stay tuned for some (more) exciting announcements coming up this month and as always follow on FB and Instagram for more frequent updates.

Thank you all so much for an open ear about this. I'm excited for what the future of Barefoot Daughter will bring.

Aly Coy (Owner)

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