Chat with weaver Charlotte Holmes on Greek mythology, what sells at the market and to go at your own

What is your name and name of business?

I’m Charlotte Holmes, I’m a weaver. My business name is Persephone’s Little Sister.

What do you do?

I sell hand woven shawls and scarves made out of silk mostly and some merino and alpaca.

Why that business name?

Well, I love Greek mythology. When Persephone went down first into the underworld her mom freaked out and she made it cold all the time and everything was dying. Persephone’s little sister who just happened to be a weaver was soothing her grief at the loss of her sister. She was weaving and weaving and she wove day and night and it started spilling out the doors and out the windows and it ended up blanketing the land and protecting it- like a blanket of snow.

What inspired you to start your business?

I learned from Jane Stafford who was a spectacular weaving teacher. I worked as her office assistant for about five years and she taught me how to weave and that was how I found out I loved it. Now I’m just weaving all the time so I need to find somewhere for the stuff I make to go (laughs).

custom designs by request

Any funny, disastrous R&D stories that have happened along the way?

I don’t think so. I haven’t had any disastrous projects- yet.

Favourite part of business?

I really enjoy being in the market. I love all the schmoozing- I’m totally energized by it. I would love to support myself through my craft rather than work for a wage. Coming up with the ideas and working out the design is my favourite part.

Advice to someone starting out at the market?

One part of me would say do something you love. Another part would say if you’re going to do the market do food- regardless of what you love because that’s what sells (laughs).

Go at your own pace. One hundred percent. Don’t feel like you have to rush anything. You don’t have to have everything ready instantly, you can do it in stages and go at a pace that works for you and is enjoyable.

Where can we find you?

Here at the (Salt Spring Saturday) market, Wintercraft and Artcraft and I do a few of the Christmas Craft Shows.

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