Returning to Campbell Bay

This year I arrived early to Mayne Island, and made sure to set up in an ideal location. The organizer mentioned that they don't really 'do' vendors, but since I provided natural sunscreen they asked me back.

I faced the stage square on, and people had to walk past me to get to the outhouses. Perfect. I saw every performance and was able to chat with the many people who filtered in that night.

Favourite performances of the night: Emily Millard, Aerialists, Jadea Kelly and Ridley Bent.

On the Saturday I went to the Mayne Market with my smaller tent since the festival stage moves there for the day. It was a quaint market with friendly people and vendors, who laughed at my tiny 5x5 tent set up.

"We're not the Salt Spring Market here, we have room for ya," said a fellow vendor. On Salt Spring the market is so popular it's hard to get in. Vendors come with even two foot set ups in order to build points to eventually become a seasonal vendor. It's part of my seven year plan.

Since the Tour Des Isle was happening the same weekend around the Gulf Islands, there was a crowd at the market and proved successful.

I had a brief break at Campbell Bay Beach, and re-opened at the festival until dark.

It was a great to reconnect with old friends, new bands, and fanned the flames for gearing me up for the upcoming festival tour of 2016.

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