Sober Trip at Diversity Festival

ferry ride to texada island

Diversity was the first festival where I was doing a soap making workshop- which ideally will be my focus next summer. It not only raises awareness about what people are putting on their skin and what it takes to make soap but brings in a crowd who gets to know me, and gives me a chance to build their trust- muhahaha!

Diversity Festival is set on Texada Island, a beautiful spot with a beach and forest. There were three stages- a live band stage, a techno beach stage, and a funky disco yurt. It brought in a great balance of people, provided an outlet for any mood, and offered well, diversity to the festival.

I set up in a vending area that had a tent for massage, my new wood whispering friend Bradwood and his art, a wood meditation area, and Harmonic Arts cafe. I order the bulk herbs from Harmonic Arts that I don't grow or wildcraft myself, so I was excited to get the chance to meet Herbal Jedi Yarrow Willard. He has an enthusiasm that's contagious- about plants and herbs and life in general.

Like Luminosity this festival's focus wasn't on alcohol but transformation and social change, which seems to bring out the more psychedelic side of experimentation. I'm having a relatively sober summer, with the weight of responsibilities that a business brings and the sole operator of a vehicle, so I left the mind altering drugs to the carefree festival goers. Wearing a lace cloak, sweetgrass headband and rocking a wooden staff I found on the beach, I looked the part without actually participating drug wise.

It might sounds strange but I do however, tend to pick up on certain energies, and since so many people were on acid that weekend, I had an instance where I felt drawn into that world without meaning to. I was sitting on the jutting out rocks, looking out into the waves and participating in a smoking blend I make of mugwort, mullein, raspberry leaves, and mint. There were four beacons of lights, marking the spots for the boats that had sailed in for the weekend. It was a choppy night, and the waves danced in beams of light that from my angle, seemed to spread out from the spot I was sitting.

I then saw the strangest thing in the light reflecting in the ink black sea. Images flashed through the waves with lightening speed, of different people's faces, alone, together, talking, laughing, embracing, dancing ballet, in a boxing match, sitting by a tree - the list goes on and it all was changing at once of hundreds of different people and scenarios.

I began to wonder if I was tapping into another dimension, or the memory of the waves, or my own memory, or if times doesn't exist- is this happening in my life all at once, and I was witnessing things I have, or have yet, to see.

It was pretty trippy to say the least. I had to think if someone had in fact slipped me something in my drink- but I felt sober minded, other than the water images. It was my fifth festival in the season in six weeks. Constantly surrounded by people who were in a state of transformation, openness, freedom to do what they please, wear what they please (which usually was very little), dance like a maniac, or howl at the moon. It was getting to my psyche.

After twenty minutes of staring at the visions in the ocean, I went with my wooden staff and sweet grass crown and danced barefoot on the beach stage before retiring to my van, to reflect on what I had seen in its own reflection.

The workshop the next day went swimmingly. With a good crowd of soap enthusiasts I went through the steps of making a batch of soap together. There was something about speaking into a microphone that got me talking about rainwater catching in this drought, being self reliant from stores, straying away from chemicals when we can, the importance of supporting organic farmers, (along with the steps of soap making). I felt I had my platform and interested listeners (or at least the ones who stayed for the whole thing).

Since doing the workshop covered my vending cost, the pressure to make a certain amount of money was gone, and it was the first time that summer I could fully relax into the ease of festival life.

Highlighted bands and DJs:

The Tailor

Devin The Dudeman


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