the tuck shop: holiday edition

I left my cabin with massage salve pooling on the counter and a puff of tooth powder in the air. I struggled with the dolly (carrying my precariously balanced products and display), through the mud from my farm community to the end of the road to hail down the bus to catch the ferry from Salt Spring to Vancouver.

It was a strange feeling having all the things I had been slaving over to complete in time- labels, business cards, perfecting last minute recipe changes, finding more mini mason jars and metal tins, stockpiling coconut oil and beeswax, cringing at overpriced baskets but finding a free wooden dish rack soap display, and have everything fit nicely into a small red suitcase, six mason jar flats and a reusable grocery bag. The sweat, the stress, the late nights and rushing to the print shop, the delicate work of collaging labels, to then scan and photoshop and fit to size, then fine tuning the ingredient label requirements to fit Health Canada, and my jars.