"Aly Coy has gone where many would like to go – if they had the courage. Unpacked describes her wild, rollicking, five-year post-university adventures in Europe, much of it off the grid and teeming with unsuitable or eccentric characters and bizarre situations. How she manages to rid herself of unwanted baggage and find her way back home a wiser self makes for a coming of age memoir so deeply honest we are forced to cheer for our heroine all the way. Unpacked is a great read – sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious, but always entertaining."


-Olive Senior, prizewinning author of The Pain Tree.



"In beautiful and moving prose, Aly Coy’s memoir never flinches from authenticity. Her story is bold, courageous and a testament to her resilience and determination to not only survive but thrive — an inspiration to us all."


-Wendy Judith Cutler, author, teacher, feminist, Salt Spring Island



"An engaging memoir that took me along on a wild ride. Sensory details make the stories come alive,with both menacing characters and angels along the way. Aly Coy dives deeply into this period of time in her life, introspective, honest and vulnerable. This is ultimately a story of healing and grace. If ever you have felt lost and confused along the way, take heart! You are not alone."


-Marie Maccagno, award winning author, writing coach and retreat facilitator.


"Rarely have I come across a book that so completely captivated me in under a page that it brings me to a world so rich I can smell it emanating from the bookbinding and feel its wind on the back of my head. This is such a book."




"Anyone who has ever longed for (or has had) a backpacking adventure, will love reading Aly Coy’s candid, insightful, and often funny memoir. Aly’s post-university trip to Europe becomes a precarious, five-year journey: from the idle beaches of Greece to working in a druggy Amsterdam hostel, and eventually lost in life and love in the wilds of the Pyrenees. Part travelogue, part coming of age story, Unpacked is a delightful, engrossing read."


-Beverley Cooper, award winning playwright.


"‘Unpacked’ is an intimate and captivating read, equal parts vivid travelogue and thrilling journey of self empowerment. The story will inspire anyone who yearns to truly inhabit unknown places, release what no longer serves them, reclaim their independence or simply discover a genuine feeling of home and community. Every scene is artfully painted and the author’s inner world so unflinchingly shared that I feel I am completely there–her struggles become mine, as do her movements towards freedom."


-Jesse Thom, author and performer


"Both heart wrenching and hilarious, this is a tell-all travelling tale of a young Torontonian turned off-grid survivalist. Unpacked is a real page-turner that will have you crying one minute and laughing out loud the next. Aly’s travel experiences change her irrevocably, and it is thrilling to go on the journey with her."

-Lindsay Boyle, editor


"Unpacked brings you back to a place of longing, adventure and the overwhelming nature of life's big choices. Choices that sometimes feel small but lead to great changes in everything. Aly Coy takes you along her youthful travels full of laughs, tears and triumphs. A wonderfully well written story anyone relate to."


-Molly Murphy, co-author of The Mudgirls Manifesto


"Unpacked is familiar and relatable. It is a provocative adventure story of love and self discovery, while the author untangles her worth, allure, and passion to find her unique expression–raw and wild. With bravery and quirks Aly explores just how far one has to travel to find her truth and way of being in the world. I couldn’t put it down. She tantalized and lured me in! I felt like I was tucked inside her backpack, could hear the swoon of foreign cities, and feel her pulse for sex, love, and adventure next to mine. A genuine and saucy tour of the heart!"


-Maria Robins, herbalist, doula, mother


"All told with humour and honest heart, Unpacked dances back and forth through time and place in a welcoming cadence that takes us ever into the intensities and absurdities of heartbreak and human making. With Aly’s steady and generous manner of sharing her story of empowerment, may it be that Unpacked helps others recognize their own strength and capacity."


-Melissa MacMaster