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 . download binkset volume@12, binkset volume@12. Finally, after installing it and following the instructions on the hard drive recovery page I discovered that the hard drive was out of warranty and very low on disk space. Later still I had a locked shut down and the power button began to come back on itself. I installed the new hard drive and tried to install the OS, but after hitting the Ubuntu splash screen I was greeted by a scary message in red letters and a spinning gear. I immediately shut the laptop down. My search for Windows repair solution began. As I went through the Recovery options I realized the command in the reinstall for Windows could not be accessed, so I would need to do some damage control. I ran the disk check function to see if anything was wrong with the hard drive, disk drive or the files. The Windows recovery got me to a command prompt screen where I was able to get the command run. Then I ran command prompt repair. It looked like the hard drive was failing and the only hope was to get rid of the bad sectors and re-install Windows. So I attempted to repair the hard drive using the Windows Recovery command prompt with command chkdsk and it appeared that the disk was fine. So now it was time for the nuke and pave. I could not get the Windows reinstall command to run, so I tried the repair file for Windows.  The Windows repair worked, but I got a message that it would attempt to change the partition scheme on the hard drive. This led me to believe that I was likely going to lose all my data from the other drive. I had already started the process of moving all the data from the old hard drive to the new drive. When the Windows repair ran it began to copy my data to the new hard drive and then attempted to restore my data to the new drive. It was a slow process and took about 2 hours to complete. When it was finished I put the laptop back to normal, I ran the disk check again, and it showed that the disk was fine. Then I began to look for a good Linux recovery application. I first attempted to get into the Ubuntu repair options but I was unable to get it to work. I decided to attempt to get the startup disk function working again. I attempted to reboot but the computer did not get past the splash screen. I attempted to get into the BIOS and set the




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Binksetvolume 12ziprar
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