Heart Shaped Soaps

Heart Shaped Soaps

Various scents and natural coloured soap bars. 


Great size and shape for washing hands to give yourself love and clean hands every day. 


  • Soothing, thick lather
  • Won't dry out your hands
  • Retains shape of heart


Choose from activated charcoal, lavender orange, spirulina mint, chai latte, licorice swirl, earl shea, lemongrass poppy seed, plain & simple, rosehip patchouli, and rosemary oat.


Barefoot Daughter soaps contain no preservatives or chemical sudsing agents or fragrence. They are made from just coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, distilled or rain water, lye (caustic soda that goes through a saponification process with the oils and cures to make soap), pure essential oils, powdered herbs to colour and provide nutrients. That's it! No other additives. 


Perfect for sensitive skin, eczema or psorisis prone skin, irritated scalp. 


Lots of customers say they've tried everything and this soap is the only one theycan use that won't irritate their skin. 

  • Storing soap

    Store on a grated soap dish to dry soap between uses. Do not store in a little puddle beside your sink.