blog entries about the life of starting a small organic business, a look into being a vendor at craft fairs & festivals in british columbia and life on salt spring island, BC

Interview with Saturday Market Vendor Claire Ryder aka "Kale Chip Claire"

"I nurture the kale and the kale nurtures me." Business name: High Vibe Foods Describe your business: Mostly kale chips, kale chips and kale chips. There's also sprouted seed crackers and dehydrated fruit of whatever's in season. I figured out how to make a by-product. By-products are one of the ways you can pay for help. It's with the kale chips getting ground up and added to toasted sesame. Kale-masio, like gomasio from Japan. It was an amazing boost because, those little crumbles used to be put at the bottom of the kale chip bag, but then I made a new product from it. I use that money to pay a helper, so I didn't have to pay out of my own pocket. That was a definite way to boost the busin

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