blog entries about the life of starting a small organic business, a look into being a vendor at craft fairs & festivals in british columbia and life on salt spring island, BC

learning the value of time

Going into the fourth year of business I've finally realized that my time has value. When pricing cost of goods, planning my season of craft fairs and festivals, I have decided to not just brush aside the cost of travel that eats up my calendar. At the time I shrugged and said I would sleep on the ferry or the side of the road (in my van). I would stay up late at a night market and drive at 6am the next day to another market, to then hop on a ferry to another craft fair that weekend. Example of a typically hectic weekend last year I would be physically present at the markets, but not mentally or emotionally. I would zone out, not want to talk, let alone sell. Resentful that sales weren't wha

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