blog entries about the life of starting a small organic business, a look into being a vendor at craft fairs & festivals in british columbia and life on salt spring island, BC

Chat with weaver Charlotte Holmes on Greek mythology, what sells at the market and to go at your own

What is your name and name of business? I’m Charlotte Holmes, I’m a weaver. My business name is Persephone’s Little Sister. What do you do? I sell hand woven shawls and scarves made out of silk mostly and some merino and alpaca. Why that business name? Well, I love Greek mythology. When Persephone went down first into the underworld her mom freaked out and she made it cold all the time and everything was dying. Persephone’s little sister who just happened to be a weaver was soothing her grief at the loss of her sister. She was weaving and weaving and she wove day and night and it started spilling out the doors and out the windows and it ended up blanketing the land and protecting it- like a

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