blog entries about the life of starting a small organic business, a look into being a vendor at craft fairs & festivals in british columbia and life on salt spring island, BC

Gwendolyn The Delica Loses a Wheel

My new friend Sherri and I were ready to drive the ten hours to Prince George, after the eight hour ferry ride from Haida Gwaii to Prince Rupert. Bobby and her had successfully hid in the back to get onto the ferry, despite Bobby's coughing attack as I nervously chatted with the BC Ferry Worker before boarding. Out of character I inquired about the weather conditions, whether the ferries had been full lately, and the ins and outs of Haida Gwaii tourism. Half way through the ride Bobby, an early twenty's tree planter with dark curly hair slightly matted on his head, a few dreads down his back, chunky black army boots, jeans and vest covered completely in patches, decided to come with us to Pr

Hide a Guy to Haida Gwaii

Another 8 hour drive and 8 hour ferry to get to Haida Gwaii from The Unistoten Camp. Sarah's partner Victor had camped out in Smithers, BC with a friend Sherri, who was up for coming to Haida Gwaii with us before heading back East to Ontario. The drive was stunning, glacier valleys following the Skeena River to Prince Rupert. We spent one night sleeping at a rest stop, made a fire with steam rising from the marshy lake. The ferry was in the morning, and our plan was to hide Sarah, Victor and Sherri in the back of the van- since it was $211 each way for the van and just one passenger. It was nerve-racking but the money I made from ArtsWells went mostly onto my credit cards, and when I'm in a

A Taste of the Unistoten Camp

We decided to stop over at the Unistoten Camp- A protest line in combating the proposed pipeline through their territory. My helper Sarah was coming with me to the next festival called Edge of the World, on the rugged and wild island of Haida Gwaii. An ambitious twelve hour drive and eight hour ferry away and we met someone who was heading to the Unistoten Camp for two weeks to help out, so we thought it was a good excuse for us to go for the little time we could afford. The guy we brought was a little strange, but enthusiastic and had been at protest camps before. We were met on the bridge by a woman from the Unistotens, who asked us to state our names, where we come from, what we could bri

Heart Swells at ArtsWells

We arrived two days before ArtsWells began, early enough to see Wells transform into the festival of all things art. The old casino, community hall, theatre, school field, church, pubs and restaurants host all genres of music and performance types. It's a 'choose your own adventure' festival, planning out time slots to see your favourite artists of years' past or by recommendations of passersby. photo credit: Roosmarijn Hesse We had time to visit Barkerville, a historic town depicting the mid 1800's gold rush in BC. With 125 buildings replicating the times and actors, tour guides, and store clerks dressed in 1860s attire, patrons are brought back into the exciting and harsh times of living i

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