blog entries about the life of starting a small organic business, a look into being a vendor at craft fairs & festivals in british columbia and life on salt spring island, BC

tall tree festival: festival #2

I had a week to make and label 70 festival camper sampler packs, a batch of skeeter skatter: natural bug repellant, and booboo balm: cuts and scrapes salve. The money I made at the first festival, Campbell Bay, quickly dissolved into a car payment and downpayment for Atmosphere- a festival in August. With the remaining cash I filled my Delica van with $40 of diesel and bought $50 of food to hopefully last me two weeks in combination with the dry food I all ready have. It was a strange feeling, to start a road trip with no money. I had maxed out my safety net of credit cards and the line of credit for the business, leaving me scrambling for crumbs of funds in various personal accounts I have.

first festival of the season: campbell bay

After I graduated from my herbal medicine course on June 14th I had a minute of relief that all my hard work and medicine making the past eight months had paid off. Then the sickly feeling that my first festival was the next weekend came crashing in along with the long list of things to do. A big part of what I offer is a festival camper sampler pack, where all the products (deodorant, moisturizer, cuts and scrapes, massage salve, tooth powder, mosquito repellant, and sunscreen) come in tiny 15 ml metal sliders and a cute burlap sac. At this point on a sunny sunday afternoon in the south of the small island of Salt Spring I had no sample sizes, labels ready, or half my display. Over the next

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